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Livro English for Pilots - Perguntas Complementares

1) What difficulties may you find when you fly outside Brazil?

2) How often do you use English during your flights?

3) What are the outcomes of an electrical fire?

4) Do you prefer to fly during the day or during the night? Why?

5) Talk about pilots’ duties and responsibilities.

6) To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement: “Even though a pilot can perform a successful ditching he is not prepared to perform this maneuver because it is impossible to rehearse it completely.”

7) How can the TCAS minimize the threats of collisions?

8) How do you foresee cockpits will change in the next 20 years?

9) To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement: “New technologies in the de-icing liquids should be developed in order to reduce environmental impact.”

10) Why is situational awareness important for pilots?

11) What are your concerns when you are preparing your flight?

12) The problem of bird strike is related to governmental issues which go beyond aviation. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

13) In your opinion what are the outcomes of an overweight landing?

14) To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement: “It is very difficult to figure out if a runway is slippery for takeoff or landing.”

15) What do you do when you have high oil temperature after takeoff?

16) How would you manage the fuel endurance with weather forecast?

17) What are your goals in aviation for the future?

18) To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement: “Hail poses a big threat to the aircraft.”

19) What are the dangers of flying without weather radar?

20) How may a hailstorm jeopardize the flight safety?

21) When can a pilot refuse an ATC instruction?

22) Why is CRM important?

23) You are abeam Jundiaí at FL320. You start facing strong winds and request to descend to FL280. ATC tells you to decrease speed Mach.70 due to traffic saturation and hold. What do you do?

24) What would you tell ATC if they told you the current runway you were about to land was shorter due to length constraint?

25) What would you do if your aircraft instruments became blank and you were unable to proceed to your destination?

26) Center instructs you to proceed offset 10 miles right of the route due to traffic, however there is severe storm to the right. What do you do?

27) You’ve got a problem on our engine number 2, it seems to be inoperative. You are unable to dump fuel and you need to perform an overweight landing. How do you prepare for this?

28) How do you establish the localizer?

29) What would you do if your cabin crew was overpowered by hijackers during a flight?

30) As far as ICAO standardization is concerned, what do you think about the term “dog leg” being used in communication between pilots and controllers? Could non-standard phraseology be a threat for communication?

31) What´s the difference between V1 and VR?

32) Have you ever needed to deviate from a hot air balloon?

33) What´s more difficult, landing or takeoff?

34)What would you do if your hold door opened after takeoff?

35) What do you think about aviaton in Brazil?

36) Have aviation and airports been improved in your country? What has been done?

37) How have aircraft developed over the last years?

38) What´s the difference between a good and a bad briefing. Have you ever had a problem with briefing?

39) What´s the main characteristic of the aircraft you flew in your first flight training?

40) Whats the difference between having a fire in the simulator and in a real flight?

41) What´s CRM?

42) Do you think training instructions will change in the future?

43) What do you think navigation systems will be like in the future?

44) How can technology help aircraft to avoid ashes en route?

45) What can companies do in order to avoid accidents when passengers are embarking the aircraft via ground? Do you think it´s allright for passengers to sew the company in case of accidents or incidents?

Have a good test!

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